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INESA Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd



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INESA  Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd has conformed to the trend of industrial development in the world,and has developed a global development strategy which integrated the research ad development,the designs,the productions as well as the services,belonging to the first bat Ch of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.We have been listed in “the brandname products in Shanghai” for more than 20 years since 1997.

We has made every effort to develop two major categories of analysis instruments and detection systems.With first-class product quality and management level, the company has obtained the ISO9001:2018 quality management system certification and the ISO14001:2018 environmental management system certification, and has become one of the few famous enterprises in the industry.

INESA  Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd has extensively absorbed the advantages of other companies to better adapt to the various needs of the market. The instrument analysis products produced by the company are well-known in many industries,such as petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, power station, environmental protection, medical and health, scientific research, colleges and universities, food and beverage, daily chemical products and agricultural production,having become an essential detecting and measuring instrument for laboratories.

INESA  Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd has also successfully launched special products for food safety, water analysis, and air monitoring to serve social public utilities.Adhering to the principle of promoting scientific and technological progress, enhancing environmental protection, and improving people's quality of life, the company has continuously increased investment in scientific research to strengthen the training of scientific research teams, which conforms to the national development trend,and has vigorously promoted the concept of environmental researches and environmental productions,insisting on the design, improvement, production of environmentally friendly scientific instruments, so as to enhance energy utilization, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality and environmental management, as well as promote the steady development of environmental protection technology.

INESA  Analytical Instrument Co.,Ltd is drawing a grand blueprint of scientific technologies which can initiate infinite inspirations,based on its precise instruments to start a prairie fire of wisdom.

Adhering to the concept of environmental protection technology, the company focuses on the research and development of  Analytical Instrumentand the integration of detection systems, in order fully promotes the vigorous development of China's economy and enlightens the future of technological innovation!

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